10 Foods To Help You Give Up Gluten For Good

 Keeping yourself satisfied with delicious food, is one of the keys to going Gluten Free. 

The bread and cookie cravings do go away eventually. In the meantime, you just have to keep your self satisfied with delicious Gluten Free food. There are still plenty of great things to eat, if you can’t have gluten. You just have to find them.



Planning meals ahead, cooking your own meals at home, packing a lunch and planning your shopping list before going to the store, are all great ways to keep you on track.

Here’s a list of 10 foods that helped keep me satisfied, while getting used to my new Gluten Free diet.

1. Nuts, seeds and dried fruit 


Premixed fruit and nuts are an easy snack, for when you just need something right now.


2. Dark Chocolate


Any kind chocolate as long as it’s Gluten free.


3. Sweet Potato Fries


Oven baked sweet potato fries are perfect for those days you want something starchy.


4. Popcorn


Try using white vinegar and salt instead of butter for a lighter snack.


5. Fresh fruit and Yogurt

Yogurt and berries

Satisfying, fast and easy.


6. Veggie Sticks with Dip


Pre-cut and left in the fridge for an easy snack.


7. Cheese and Pickles


Make yourself a fancy cheese plate. Add your favorite pickles and olives.


8. Eggs


Hard boiled or deviled. Pre boil and leave in the fridge for the week.


9. Gluten Free Corn Flake Breaded Anything


Giving up breaded food was one of the hardest things for me. Being able to make my own chicken Fingers at home helped a lot.


10. Gluten Free Pasta


There are many brands of Gluten free pasta available. Find the one you like the best for pasta salads or spaghetti and meat sauce.


What are some of the things that helped keep you satisfied for the first month of going Gluten Free?

7 thoughts on “10 Foods To Help You Give Up Gluten For Good

  1. Fresh fruit and berries especially strawberries, stir fry (we practically lived on it the first month) and salads of every kind I could think of (I was already making my own dressing). We ate well and it got us started. After I had time to settle down a little bit I realized I wasn’t as limited as I thought and was able to start working or making adjustments to our favorite recipes. We still enjoy most of the things on your list as well.

    1. I felt the same way, going Gluten Free. After a few weeks, I realized I wasn’t as limited as thought I was at first. I pretty much eat the same stuff I used to eat as well, with a little adjustment 🙂 Thanks for commenting 🙂

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