Both Wonderful And Dreadful At The Same Time

Going Gluten Free has been a whole new experience . At first it felt like I had to learn how to cook all over again, which was both wonderful and dreadful at the same time.


It was wonderful because it felt like an exciting adventure into the unknown. And dreadful because my cooking had taken years to get to where it was and I used wheat flour for almost everything. To give up all those delicious recipes for something I knew next to nothing about was a hard thing to do.

I have learned to make Pizza as good (almost) as my wheat flour recipe. The dreadfulness has subsided completely now and being gluten free gets more exciting and wonderful all time. Having a burger with a gluten free bun becomes a pleasure not to be taken for granted. You learn to be more grateful for the extra treat every so often rather than needing that bread everyday.

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