Buffalo Chicken Caesar Salad

This Salad is the perfect mix of heat and creaminess. 



1 Head of Romaine Lettuce

5 Tbsp Caesar Dressing ( add more or less depending how you like it)

1 cup of cooked shredded Chicken

4 Tbsp Gluten Free Buffalo Wing Sauce (again add more or less depending on how you like it)

Optional – Add chopped crispy Bacon and Parmesan cheese


1. Shred cooked Chicken into a microwave safe bowl, using a fork or your fingers.

2. Add the Hot Sauce and mix up very well until all the Chicken is coated.

3. Cover bowl and microwave for 1 minute. ( if using hot fresh chicken then skip the microwave)

4. Chop and wash Romaine Lettuce. Place in a large bowl,  add the Caesar dressing  and mix       thoroughly.

5. Plate the Salad first then spread the Chicken on top.

6. Add Bacon and Parmesan Cheese.

Note: You can buy or make gluten free croutons, but I choose to just skip them altogether.