I’m not sure what you eat…

People feel sorry for me because I’m Gluten Free. They say things like “I could never do that” or “I would have made you lunch but I’m not sure what you eat”.

I used to feel sorry for myself too…


I no longer feel sorry for myself because I can’t eat the food I used to love. Giving up my addiction to wheat, has made me give up my addiction to food in general. I still love food of course but I don’t feel devastated like I once did when I can’t eat something. That longing for bread I once had is gone now. I feel different about food. I crave different things than I used too. I no longer “just need that something with substance” as I once told myself.

Some people have never dreamed that you could just eat all the stuff from inside the sandwich without the bread. A bowl of chicken salad or a lettuce wrap of any kind, satisfies better than any regular sandwich would. I do treat myself to gluten free bread sometimes but I don’t feel the need to eat it everyday or even every week.

3 thoughts on “I’m not sure what you eat…

  1. I feel the same way you do… except for donuts. Sometimes I just want a donut. I think it helps that my family is all gluten free as well. I think that if stuff was around me all the time that I would have a harder time getting over it. But I don’t crave bread… and I used to be able to eat an entire loaf fresh out of the bread machine with butter. I don’t have those kinds of cravings anymore. I love being gluten free because I feel better, and my mind is clearer than ever before.

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