Sorry Tradition…


Most of us grew up on a diet consisting of wheat breads, pasta’s and cereals. Our parents bought white flour by the 50 lb bag. Now we use it to feed our family’s. Wheat flour is cheap and delicious, so why wouldn’t we want to use it. After all it’s in all the recipes we use and most of those recipes are tradition.

Sorry Tradition…but I’m just going to alter you a little. Don’t we alter our traditions anyways? Keep what works and throw away what no longer resonates. It’s time we changed our food traditions to food that’s better for us. Let’s eat the food that makes us feel good, instead of the food that we’re told will make us feel good. I mean actually physically feel good, not emotionally feel good because it reminds us of or childhood.

The proof is in the pudding… Going gluten free has made me feel better, so that’s what I’m going to continue to do. I still use the little cooking secrets I learned from my grandmother but I use them when cooking my own new gluten free recipes.

You never know, our grandchildren’s children might make some of our recipes as their own tradition. Or maybe they’ll just take what resonates with them and throw away the rest.