Your Body Is A Temple


Most people don’t know how good their bodies are designed to feel. I’m not sure if it’s because we weren’t taught to eat well or if it’s because we just don’t care. Somewhere along the way we started treating our bodies like a garbage dump instead of a temple. We get more satisfaction from the way a cookie tastes than we do from physically feeling good.

It’s time to break the cycle, and show our children that healthy food is delicious and that Physicallyย Feeling Good Is Worth It.

What do you think? Do you think most people just weren’t taught to eat well, or do you think they just don’t care about their health?

6 thoughts on “Your Body Is A Temple

  1. I think most people just weren’t taught to eat well… And that because they have been raised in a society filled with sugary treats that they have become so accustomed to them that they don’t think its worth it to give them up – even for their health.

    1. I agree ๐Ÿ™‚ I think most people think it’s easier and more affordable to eat an unhealthy diet. People don’t seem to care much about their health or future health.
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  2. I feel like as a kid, I ate a pretty balanced diet. My mom cooked from scratch, and there were always vegetables on my plate. When I went away to college, my eating habits did a full 180. I was living in a dorm room and I didn’t have a kitchen. I got into really bad eating habits, and now, years later, I’m am trying to undo the damage.

    1. I can say the same. My parents did a pretty good job feeding us a well balanced meal, despite how picky I was. After I moved out at 18 my eating habits went downhill.
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  3. I think that most people (myself included) truly don’t KNOW what eating healthfully is bc not only are we bombarded with misleading food marketing, which is bad enough, but far more dangerous is that what we are taught to be pure FACT in health & nutrition is also way off base. Last year I decided to give a 30 day elimination diet a try and omg was it a rude awakening. I tell more of the details of the food connections to chronic issues on my blog, so for the sake of brevity here, I’ll just say that had I known, I never would have eaten what I was eating. I also realized that I didn’t know myself at all bc after years of continuing to eat stuff I believed was healthy, I never once made the connections of the kind of physical impacts they were having on me until I removed and then reintroduced them into my diet.

    1. I can relate, I didn’t really realize just how much the food I was eating was affecting my health. I didn’t realize that gluten was causing more than just digestion issues, until after I had given it up.
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