6 Tips For Going Gluten Free

6 Tips for going Gluten Free

6 Tips For Going Gluten Free

If you need to go on a gluten free diet, stop putting it off and do it. Take it one day at time. Focus on the present moment. Don’t stress about the future and how you’re going to feel in certain situations. When those family dinners or work functions do come up, you just get through it. It can be hard at times, but feeling better is worth it. Besides, there’s usually a gluten free version or recipe you can make at home.

Websites like this one and many others like it, are a great resource for finding new recipes and reminding yourself that there are endless delicious options still. Try making a list of foods that you like that don’t contain gluten and you’ll notice over time that the list will grow larger and larger. It can be an exciting journey to discover a new world of healthier food, if you let it be. Just remind yourself of the good things about being gluten free, like feeling better and loosing weight.


Here’s a list of 6 Tips For Going Gluten Free, that can help keep you on track.

1. Stock Up On Food That You Can Eat

 You’re more likely to eat the food your avoiding if you don’t have many choices. Keeping your fridge and cupboards  full of delicious food that you can eat, will help keep you satisfied while you get used to your new diet. Focusing on the the things you can still eat, instead of thinking about what you can’t have is key to staying on track.

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2. Find a Support System

Not everyone is understanding about your dietary restrictions, in fact people can be down right mean. Even our own families can be unsupportive at times. That’s why it’s important to find a group of people that you can talk to, that understand what you’re going through. There any many Gluten Free support groups through Facebook or Websites you can find online. There may even be some sort of support group set up in your city or town. Don’t go it alone, when there are so many people out going through the same thing as you.

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3. Bring Food With You

 Bring food with you, just in case there isn’t much or anything for you to eat. It can be hard going to parties, where they are serving the food you’re avoiding but having a snack in your bag or car, can really help . Getting used to packing a picnic lunch for road trips or any kind of outing is a great way to ensure that you will be fed.

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4. Don’t Skip Meals

 When you’re famished you’re more likely to eat the food your avoiding. Eating enough throughout the day, will help to keep you from making bad choices at night.

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5. Drink Lots Of Water

 This one seems obvious but it’s probably the most important. Drinking lot’s of water will help keep your stomach full and make you think about food less. Drink your 8 glasses a day and your skin, kidneys and overall digestion will thank you. If you’re not lucky enough to have delicious tap water where you live, get a water filter or buy bottled water, it really does make a difference in the amount of water you’ll drink. No one wants to drink icky tasting water.


6. Keep Busy

 Keeping yourself busy will help keep your mind off food. So take up a new hobby or go out for a long walk. Whatever it takes to keep yourself occupied. Cravings do eventually go away. The trick is to do what you can in the meantime, to keep yourself happy. Try to stay positive and know that feeling better is worth it.

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Do you have any advice about giving up Gluten for good? Let us know in the comments below.

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