About Me

About Me

Hello and Welcome, I’m Lyndsay.

I’m a Gluten Free Food Blogger with a passion for delicious food and photography.  I love Cooking and Baking, but developing Gluten Intolerance has forced me to learn to cook all over again. It’s taken some time but I have found my cooking groove again. With so much inspiration out there, I can hardly wait to go to the supermarket again and again.

I love taking photo’s of my beautiful baby boy Eli, who happens to have Down Syndrome. He’s already enriched our lives in so many ways.  I wouldn’t change him for the world. (read more about our story here)  I Homeschool my older son Indy, who is 8. He’s so smart, funny and creative.  It’s an absolute pleasure to get to spend our days, learning and doing fun stuff together. If you’d like to check out our Blog, Here’s the link Eli + Indy.

I live in Winnipeg, Manitoba with my beautiful family. We moved here a few years ago from Fernie B.C. where I moved after high school. I lived in Fernie. (in the Rocky Mountains) for 12 years.  I learned to snowboard and downhill mountain bike and got to hike and snowmobile to some incredible places. I met incredible people from all over the world. It’s also where I met my amazing husband D-Jay and where we had our son Indy. I’m grateful for the time I spent there.

I’m originally from a sleepy but charming little town in Ontario, near Algonquin Park. It’s a gorgeous area, known for its amazing fall colours and many, many stunning lakes.  I consider myself  lucky to have lived in some of the most beautiful places in Canada.

Thanks for dropping by 🙂

About Me

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  About Me

About Me

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  1. Welcome to the world of Gluten Free Christa 🙂 It’s great having a support network. Changing your diet isn’t easy but feeling better makes it 100 % worth it.

  2. Interesting and inspiring blog you have here! As a somewhat recent (3 years) vegetarian, I can completely commiserate with having to learn to cook anew. I look forward to exploring your blog further and learning more about gluten-free cooking! Thank you for taking the time to visit me and following my blog.

    Best to you! Kimberley

  3. Thanks for following my blog Lyndsay, you might also be interested in the blog my wife is writing under nesterinthebush. That’s where you will find all the cooking magic.

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog… I’m glad you did because now I know about your blog! Looks like you have some great recipes on here. I’m new to cooking, but also had to completely change what we are eating because of needing to eat low-glycemic. As you might have seen from my blog, though we are not gluten free, almost everything I cook turns out to be gluten free because I use fresh ingredients and it just so happens that a lot of what is low glycemic is also gluten free. 🙂 Hopefully we can both find some fun recipes to use on each other’s site!

  5. hi, Thanks for following my blog, hope you will enjoy it!
    I am not making gluten free lunches, but because my main ingredient is often rice, they are partly gluten free…..

  6. Thank you for leading me to your blog…I need gluten free recipes with irregular frequency as I have a few friends who cannot tolerate gluten but I still like to serve them something delicious and homemade. 🙂

  7. Thanks for visiting my blog and the “follow.”

    My husband and I have been discussing eating more gluten free foods. I often wonder if I have developed a bit of an intolerance to it as well. Wouldn’t hurt for us to avoid it when possible. We will be enjoying some of your gluten free recipes. 🙂

      1. Good Morning from Switzerland, Lyndsay! Yep, people is getting more and more Gluten Free so I have to adapt me even If i love to do Tiramisu the traditional way 😉 lots of cheese cream egg whites, fruits, lots of Chocolate and some alcohol in LOL

  8. Something very special in you… oooh you are my follower 😉
    Hi Lyndsay.
    nice to see you around me..!nice pics in you blogs..!
    have a great time..!
    Stay contacted…!

  9. Lyndsay!! 😀 Just wanted to thank you so much for liking my blog and following me. 😀 I think your site is rather fascinating…. very appetising dish ideas. If only I had the ability to cook… : haha.

    Anyway, I wish you all the best, and hope your blog goes well. Cheers. 🙂

  10. I have shared your link…..I am not, but I have many friends that are Gluten Free and I work with many families of children with Autism…..many of whom find some impact with Gluten Free diet. Recipes look great, keep up the good work and thanks for sharing!

  11. Hi Lyndsay, thanks so much for following my travel blog. I’m not gluten-free but I have lots of friends who are so I’ll be passing your blog on to them, and be exploring here the next time I need to cook gluten-free. And your blog is a great reminder that I should add gluten-free as a category on my cooking blog. Thanks and cheers

  12. Hey there Lyndsay 🙂
    Thanks for visiting my cyber space and I gladly return the gesture. A fellow cook and lover of gastronomical creations…I daresay I will be trying some of your wares! Thank you for sharing. 🙂

  13. Hi Lyndsay thanks for stopping by my blog and following me, its taken me a while to come back to yours, its’ been a busy time. Gluten Intolerance is no fun at all, but you have developed some really wonderful recipes here. I will recommend to a friend who has similar issues.
    Beautiful blog!

  14. Thank you for sisiting Is this all that I am, I started another blog: Work Out in which I share more of the sugar-free aspect of my diet.
    gluten free is now on my list to explore!

  15. Hello there and thanks for following my blog! Your food looks De.Li.Cious! And your pictures are amazing too. Are you also interested in photography maybe?

  16. Beautiful woman and beautiful child doesn’t have to be a match but here it seems to be! Great service for an ever growing population and sure looks yummy! I will have to try the Blueberry Crisp and gorge myself on healthy eats! Thanks and I shall return in a lovely apron…. claudy

  17. Hi Lyndsay, thanks for stopping by and checking out my blog. I love the look and feel of your blog, and as for the recipes, they look amazing. I look forward to reading much more! 🙂

  18. Thanks for the follow.
    Gluten free diet would go with all .
    I am not clear about it. Anyhow , would read through your blog to find more about it.
    All the best.

  19. Thanks for the follow. Perhaps I’ll see you around. Good luck continuing to find and post your yummies! I am not gluten-free and don’t need to be, but would at least have a resource if I need it.

    Happy Blogging! twinkly

  20. Greetings, Lyndsay! First off, I greatly appreciate the follow. Second, this is clearly destiny calling, as my best friend (and coworker who happens to be sitting next to me) has recently gone gluten free, and is in need of some cooking inspiration! I’ll peruse your site and hopefully make her a surprise treat! Thanks, again! 😀

  21. Thanks for following my posts.
    I am interested in your gluten-free recipes as I am also gluten intolerant, but have just reduced eating bread. I should take more care of myself and am glad that you are giving some pointers in that direction.

  22. Hello there Lyndsay. I just wanted to drop by and thank you for the follow. I also wanted to wish you the best in your future cooking. P.S. – Your bacon wrapped sweet potatoes made me drool.

  23. Hi Lyndsay! Thank you for stopping by my blog, http://www.stephaniehuesler.com! You may want to check out my other blogs, when you have a chance.
    Your blog looks great! I’ve baked a few times with gluten-free flour, and it can be a bear if you’re not used to the differences in the viscosity, so more power to you and sites like yours that make G-F recipes accessible!

  24. Hi Lyndsay, thanks for following my blog! You have some delicious-looking recipes here. I’ve been interested in trying more gluten free options. So, I’ll definitely try some of these out. Best wishes!

  25. Thank you for liking and Following. I liked and Followed back. Why? Because I love food and a friendly person. 🙂 I sooooo am looking forward to looking through your site.

  26. Thank you for the follow; I’ve learned to cook pasta sauce and tuna-egg salad; but mostly I’ve learned that cooking is a way of connecting with life. Stay happy!

  27. Hi Lyndsay, thanks for visiting and following my blog. I’m not gluten-free, but know a few people who are, have noticed that gluten-free baked goods have come a long way over the years, to the point of being no less delicious than their glutenous counterparts. Congrats on finding your way back to the kitchen. P.S.You look pretty badass on that mountain bike!

  28. Hey, nice to meet you 🙂 I don’t want to be intrusive or rude, but are you intolerant, or do you also have the celiac disease? I am asking because I am having hard time (I live in France) to understand what my case is. My nutritionist says I have gluten intolerance (based on the exams I did) but none of the French doctors want to accept it. Basically, it seems to me that intolerance does not exist here, only celiac disease! I am trying to explain to the doctors that I personally feel much better when I don’t eat gluten but they laugh at me… They also say gluten intolerance is a matter of fashion, nothing else! Hmmm, well, I guess all this does not really matter, I can eat what makes me happy, but I am just wondering…

    Anyways, happy to find you blog and will spend a lot of time exploring your recipes 🙂

    1. Hi Miia, No worries 🙂 I am also Gluten Intolerant. I tested negative for Celiac’s. Gluten Intolerance is a bit more accepted here in Canada but we do still have lots of people and Doctors who won’t accept it as well. I’m not sure why for some people it’s so hard to believe that our corrupt and tainted modern food system could be making some of us sick.
      It’s quite sad 🙁
      Thanks for stopping by my blog 🙂 I hope you enjoy the recipes 🙂

      1. Hey, thanks for taking time to respond.

        Yeah, I feel the same about France.. I even told one doctor last week that my personal feeling should be the best indicator and guess what he said?
        NO, IT IS NOT.
        Can you believe this 😉 ?

        However, I will continue reading about gluten intolerance as it definitely is a subject that makes people react!

        Btw, did you see this controversial article? http://www.businessinsider.com/gluten-sensitivity-and-study-replication-2014-5

        1. Wow 🙁 Some Doctors are so Arrogant.

          I did see this article, my first thought after reading it was I hope you develop Gluten Intolerance. Eat your words JERKS!!! than throw them up again with an extra side of acid. Then I thought, I really don’t care if people believe me or not. I feel great and I’ll never eat wheat again 🙂

          1. So you are very strict? How long has it been?

            I sometimes make exceptions but usually they are very rare bc my body starts telling me “stop” very soon!

            Anyways, have a nice day/evening wherever you are 🙂

          2. I’ve been completely Gluten Free for 1 1/2 years. I really didn’t want to give up wheat but I just got so sick from it I didn’t have a choice. I was violently ill when I was pregnant with my son. Then after he was born the throwing up just didn’t stop. I was so sick every day. I knew it was wheat that was causing it because I could feel it instantly after eating it. My doctor wasn’t very concerned. She just kept giving me more pills. I finally decided to try going 100 % gluten free and it worked right away. I haven’t looked back since.
            Have a nice day/evening too 🙂

  29. Many thanks for the visit and follow – I am SOOO looking forward to reading more of your posts as it could be just what our house needs as a “reboot”! 🙂

  30. Hi Lyndsay,

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and following me. I’m not gluten free or on any kind of special diet (tho I probably should be). I just enjoy eating too much and it seems everything I like is BAD for me.
    I know a few friends who’ve gone gluten free and they’re looking fantastic. I just can’t imagine going without all my favorite foods forever, so I haven’t brought myself to try it yet.
    It seems I’ve been on diets my whole life and none of them have worked for me. I just can’t deal with sticking to them religiously for 2-3 months to be rewarded with only 2-3 pounds lost for all that effort.
    Most of the ‘diet’ foods were horrible tasting so by now I have probably something of a phobia about even trying something like gluten free.
    I’m not into home-made baking, it seems like it usually takes a lot of time and effort. Do you have any suggestions for someone like me? Some EASY way to try it out that would motivate me to continue?

  31. Hi Lyndsay, so very happy to have found your blog! I am new to gluten free and I had been searching for quick and easy recipes. The recipes I have looked at so far look amazing!
    I’m from Kamloops, B.C. and finding a blog from a fellow Canadian makes purchasing recipe ingredients so much easier!

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